Behind the Blog

About a year ago I did a Question & Answer post on my blog (20 Questions). It was fun doing an interview style post so that people who follow me could get to know a little bit more about the person behind the blog. So here I’m back with answers to a few more questions that were either pitched to me or that I thought might be interesting to answer.

If you could only pick one store to shop at, which would you pick?

Hands down would have to be Zara.

Your take on consignment stores?

I have never really shopped at consignment stores but I think they are a great way to recycle your clothes and pick up some really unique pieces at reasonable prices.

Recent purchase that you’re obsessed with?

Totally obsessing over this green corduroy jacket currently.

Your favourite YouTubers & Bloggers?

I definitely don’t watch much YouTube anymore but one of my favourites on there is Kaushal Beauty. In terms of bloggers I would have to say Mannat’s Mode, Klarity by K and The Cassie Paige are a few of my favourite bloggers.

How frequently do you shop?

I frequent the mall at least a couple of times a week. I have managed to get better at just going to the mall to browse and not walking out with anything.

What’s your Instagram tip?

Be as authentic as possible, don’t just do things “for the gram”.

What’s your take on trends?

Trends are great for those who want to follow them. I personally am not too aware of the trends. I wear what I want to wear when I want to wear it.

A fashion rule you never break?

Rules were meant to be broken. And really fashion has no rules and if it does I’m pretty sure I break them all. You’ll see me rocking a dress or a crop top in -20 weather…fashion is individual. You do you 😉

What has been your most successful blog post until now?

Well I hate to admit it but I’m pretty sure the Feel Good Friday post I wrote about my boyfriend has been my most popular post (Feel Good Fridays: #MyPalGovz).

Your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration is my sista friend Mannat (@mannatkahlon). That girl can rock just about anything and she’s one of the most down to earth people I know.

How do you choose who to collab with?

I recently was talking to someone about this, how a collab needs to make both people feel equally involved. I’ve been asked to do collabs which have been very directed and those are difficult for me. I like to collab with people where we have an intention and a purpose but we are also able to have fun at the same time and work both our individual talents into the project.

What encouraged you to start ‘Feel Good Fridays’?

I guess I wanted something that held me accountable on some level. Now every two weeks I hold myself accountable to writing a post on Friday. That aside it’s a nice positive way to end the week and start off the weekend. I wanted my blog to be more than just fashion and this helps me channel different parts of me.

Your blog is called ‘From Neha’s Closet’, what does Neha’s closet actually look like?

Two words: Pure Chaos. I have my own closet and when my brother moved out I took over his as well. There are clothes hanging (multiple things on one hanger), clothes on the floor, and clothes on my bed. So yes I wish I could say super organized but I await the day to get my Oprah sized closet- I’m sure I’ll manage some organization then 😉

One thing about you that you wish more people knew?

That my ultimate dream is to open up my own dance school. Dance is and always will be my #1 passion.

How do you handle the pressures that come with blogging?

I guess I avoid taking on any pressures. I don’t really look at how many followers I have, how many views I get on a post or how many likes my last Instagram post got. Naturally I do end up noticing such things, like the two minutes of “whoa that’s cool” I felt when I hit a 1000 followers- I knew it would probably be gone in the next two minutes because well Instagram so I didn’t give it much importance. I guess I try and stay true to the reason I started my blog: I do my blog for me and there is no pressure. I put up a post when I want to and I don’t when I don’t want to. So I guess be it naivety but I don’t really know the pressures that come with blogging.

I would like to end this post by saying: if you wish to start any type of blog, Instagram account, or Facebook page; DO IT! Don’t put content out there that you think the world wants to see but rather let your personality shine through your space.

You do you, forever!

Until next time fashionistas, keep smiling 🙂

❤ sharmz

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