About Me

“Tell me about yourself” has to be one of the hardest things to respond to. Like what do you want to know? My shoe size? My favorite food? Or how much pizza I can eat in one sitting? Okay I’m just kidding, my interpretation of ‘About Me’ on this platform is simply to share why this blog exists. I am a blogger who wants to write about anything and everything. I am sure when people see the name of this blog they will assume it only has to do with fashion and that is really not the case. When I named my blog ‘From Neha’s Closet’, I really wanted it to encompass not only my closet full of clothes but also my closet full of ideas and perspectives. Here on this blog you will find fashion related posts, mental health related posts, and posts that have relation to nothing whatsoever. If you love real talk and just a casual space where I share my amateur perspectives on fashion and other things then you’ve come to the right place!

– Sharmz ❤