Feel Good Fridays: #MyPalGovz

When I lived two houses away from you I had no idea you existed and somehow now I couldn’t imagine existing even 2 days without you by my side. This is story time of How I Met #MyPalGovz. Let’s take this back about 11 months ago- I was in a crappy (for the lack of a better word) space. Lets just say life wasn’t working for me on a few different levels; the biggest one though was my personal life. Sometimes people are embarrassed talking about how many people they dated before they found their person but I have no problem talking about how many people I had to filter through to find my winner. I had met many people over the span of two years but this next one took the cake. It was a Thursday evening and I sat swiping through Tinder- nope, nope, nope, oh hmm maybe *swiped right* and “It’s a Match” Tinder told me. Well now came the hard part of actually figuring out whether this one was worth my time. A little bit of texting later we seemed to make some plans and were all set to hang out. We met the next day and surprisingly things seemed to go well- we laughed, we joked and we just plain got along. Well four hours of good times later it was time to say goodbye and I was caught off guard by a “so…just one thing”. I chuckled to myself and thought of course there is and reluctantly responded “okay…”. The guy I met four hours ago went on to let me know that he had not been aware of my religion and if he had been he would not have come on this date. I stood there puzzled, I stood there pissed and I stood there just plain humored. Did that just happen I wondered but it was also not the first time religion had been brought up in a relationship so I could only be so surprised; just for the purpose of this story I will add that I am Hindu and he was Sikh. I walked out of there and laughed to myself and thought wow what a waste of my time; little did I know that the waste of my time would help shape what came about the following week. Of course as any other girl would I went and vented, vented hard to my friend about this “amazing date” I had. I also wondered if it was time that I started introducing myself as, “Hi I’m Neha, I’m a Hindu”. A long conversation with the same individual gave me the satisfaction of giving him a piece of my mind. Did I feel better? Maybe a little. But more than feel better it shocked me that someone could tell me I’m a great person but my religion stops them from getting to know me further? I knew it would take me a couple days but I’d get over it. Now let’s fast forward to about 3 days later; it was Boxing Day- of course for me that meant setting an alarm and waking up nice and early to go to the mall- that’s Neha’s Boxing Day tradition. Waking up early also means heading to bed early so I sat in bed with a robe and a towel on my head when my phone flashed. It was a snap from my friend (same friend who was part of vent sess) who of course was out and about as you would except to be during the holidays. The snap was something along the lines of “come to Hudson’s there are so many good looking Indian guys”. I laughed to myself and sent her a snap back in my soppy wet hair wrapped up in towel “like this?” I said. She laughed and then went on to tell me about a guy that she knew who was also there- she even went as far to ask him if he had any problems with Hindu people; which makes me wonder how he agreed to meet me in the first place. Anyways I was humored once again  and although I have never allowed anyone to set me up with someone, I thought to myself for the sheer effort my crazy friend has put in- I have to meet this guy. A shopping date, a cactus club lunch and a hockey night out made it pretty clear that I had met someone who was here to stay. This sounds like the worlds biggest cliché but things are meant to happen when they do. Until I met #MyPalGovz, I would also call BS at anyone who said that to me. But the guy who once upon a time lived two houses down from me, the guy whose backyard I used to cut through to get to my cousins, the guy who knew my best friends before I did; I met that guy when the time was right. My feel good message for you is that sometimes a crappy experience can lead to greater appreciation of a future moment. I did not let that weekend date close me off to meeting someone new and neither should you let one negative interaction influence your future interactions. I took a risk that day; allowing my friend to set me up but I’m glad I did. I got my feel good moment earlier this year and step 1 was being open to a new experience. Oh and just to clarify I am still a Hindu girl and somehow making it work with my Sikh guy ;).

Until next time fashionistas!

❤ sharmz

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