Bandwagoning to the Bay Area

Back in 2013 I made a promise to myself, I promised myself that every year, from 2013 onward, I would travel to a place that I had never been before. Seems like an expensive promise to make to myself but hey YOLO right? Since then I had also started developing a bit of a bucket list which included places I wanted to go, things I wanted to see and activities I wanted to do. Now that bucket list is still in the works and new things get added every now and then but one of the biggest things on there was for me to attend a game of every pro league sport. So now not only is it expensive to fly to a city that has all the sports BUT now I actually have to pay for tickets to these sporting events. Lucky for me and unlucky for my bank account, experiences always take precedence over money (*TD account be hurting*). So because saving money wasn’t on my to do list, I convinced my brother that we should go on a sports trip together; now being an amazing brother he decided to book a sports trip with his friend…clear where his loyalties are. In any case I told him that I would be joining as well- who needs an invite amirite? The trip began with a Golden State Warriors game. Growing up I always enjoyed playing basketball but never enjoyed watching it. This past year a friend of mine got me into watching the Golden State Warriors so it was easier to fit in since I actually knew some players on the team. This experience was like no other; my friend had told me how crazy bball games get but honestly I was skeptical. My doubt was short lived and immediately I was having a blast. From the dance cam to the the gift card parachutes, the GSW game did not disappoint. Even if you are not a basketball fan, it is worth the experience. Next up was the NHL game; of course I have been to many NHL games in my own city but I always love going to get a taste of hockey in other cities. Now the game itself wasn’t all that exciting but it was fun to be able to interact with such positive and enthusiastic fans. But the experience and the sport that tops my list is the next one. I never actually thought I would ever go to a football game; main reason being that even when I think I get it I actually don’t. First down? Third down? Umm man down? Okay anyways jokes aside, I was super excited to go to the game even though I was told the teams playing were some of the worst teams, which I found out for myself quite soon after the game started. In any case the environment at a football game is one that I had never experienced before. Before walking into the actual game there is so much stimulation that I was almost overwhelmed. Music, games, enthusiastic fans, I was so excited even before I got to my seat. Again I had no idea what was really going on during the game but I managed to grasp that both the teams playing were really bad. Despite all of that though it was definitely the experience that topped my list. I cannot describe in words even though I have tried really hard how this experience made me feel. Sports are an important part of me and granted I only watch hockey religiously, it was fun to be able to interact with other fans who are so passionate about their teams. As I started this post by saying, this is an experience that was a bucket list item for me but soon became much more than that. At each event I went to I was able to see how sports bring people together- whether you are a fan of the team playing or not, people make constant efforts to be engaged with you- even if you are sporting an Oilers hat. That is probably the most positive thing I learned through the course of this trip; sure it may have been an expensive trip but I was able to connect with a variety of people while also being able to enjoy sports that others are passionate about. I am thankful to have been able to cross something off my bucket list but I am also more thankful to give myself the opportunity to have such experiences. Whether you have a bucket list or not, try and challenge yourself to do something that will offer a valuable teaching in your life. Give yourself something to look forward to and then work towards it. Now after this lengthy post I will leave you some pictures from my trip- hope you enjoyed reading and let me know some of the things that are on your bucket list 🙂


❤ sharmz

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