Fancy Pants

Hello fashion friends! So of course Black Friday came and went; I was not in the city but that did not stop me from going to and well we all know how that usually ends. I will let the pictures on this post do most of the talking but my favorite purchase of the lot were these red palazzo pants. I decided to run a poll on my Instagram to help me decide what I should and shouldn’t keep and this was the item that got the most yay’s- so now if anyone asks I know to blame my followers for encouraging me :P. I am obsessed with this pair and well surprised as I run from red and I run from wide legged pants. These can be styled in so many ways and I have so many ideas that I cannot wait to put into action. A few of my tips when wearing palazzo pants:

  • Keep your top half simple and less overwhelming- all the drama is in the pants. Try a slim fitting top to contrast the flare of the pants.
  • Make sure they fit you right at the waist- throw on a belt to give your waist that defined look.
  • Heels heels heels!
  • For my short friends, buy them long (but not dragging long), they can make you look deceivingly taller 😉

For this look I kept it fairly simple- I paired the trousers with a floral embroidered body suit from Top Shop and Vince Camuto kitten heels. Keep scrolling to see the pants- if you do fall in love with the pants, the link to the pants is posted at the bottom. I know palazzo pants can be overwhelming but give them a try, you’ll be surprised what grows on you.



❤ sharmz

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