26 and Counting

Saying that I have been MIA from the blogging scene might be a bit of an understatement but I think it’s safe to say that I’m making a comeback. Since it has been a little while since I’ve written anything, we are going to use this post as a bit of a check in/update. I apologize in advance if this post does get a little bit wordy and reflective but I promise my next posts will be more fashion focused! So first things first, from the title you probably could’ve guessed that I recently turned 26 (yikes!). Turning a year older always brings about a mix of emotions; there’s the “woo it’s my birthday”- which usually I am lacking in- but there is also the “oh crap, that’s another year older”. It’s an interesting feeling turning a year older because nothing changes but it feels like so much changes at the same time. Now I guess it is all a mindset and I tend to not equate much to my numerical age as I honestly feel it is just a number. The past year has been interesting; I got registered as a Provisional Psychologist, I met some new people, I traveled, and well I fell out of some routines. Through this post I thought I’d reflect on some of things that the past year has taught me about me:

It’s interesting to me that I can be so flexible at times but then crave consistency in so many things. I’ve grown to understand how difficult it is for me to adjust to any type of change and need to allow myself the time to process things on my own before I can adjust.


Balancing everything is so hard but you can’t give up. With my new position at work and sporadic hours I let so many things like my blog, my exercise routine, and my passion for dance take a backseat. It was quite apparent that this lack of balance affected my sense of self.


Even though I work to help people, it’s important for me to find ways to help myself too. My role at work often finds its way into my real life interactions. I am continuing to learn that my role at work is different from my role in my daily interactions and it is important to turn off my psychologist brain in my personal interactions.


I have been a confident person for a long time and continue to work towards being proud of myself. The past year I have felt my confidence dwindle at times and I still continue to explore why it happened.


Working on finding a level of patience with my outside world has been a challenge to say the least. One of the biggest things that I have learned is that by home time my patience is wearing thin. This means that my personal interactions get to experience distance, complaints and maybe whiny Neha. More than for anyone else, I work on that to have better interactions with my parents who have done tons for me and do not deserve to be on the other side of that negativity.


As I turn 26, I feel it is important to reflect not only on the good things we do but also on the times we felt we could have been better. This post is not meant to be a place for me to complain but for me to just express that I am constantly learning about myself and should strive to make myself proud. I continue to work on finding a balance and also surrounding myself with positive energy which needs to start with me. I’ve had some friends ask me what my goals are for this year and while I don’t like to pen down goals I will say that my goal this year is to smile more. Not just externally (which I mean I could definitely practice) but rather internally as well. Now since we have already gotten slightly preachy, I just want to end off with, no matter who you meet or what experience you expose yourself too, never lose sight of yourself. People will come and go and might not appreciate you for you but you’ll always be your biggest cheerleader. Here’s to 26 and another year of learning!

❤ sharmz

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