Welcome back fashionistas! Now because apparently there are rompers for men, I felt the need to clarify that I would be talking about rompers for HER to wear. I’m not sure how positive I feel about that romper trend for men so I will refrain from commenting on that and instead focus on the cute rompers I have been collecting for myself. Rompers are my absolute favorite Spring/Summer fashion piece! They are easy, comfortable and look cute with minimal effort. Of course the one downside of rompers is the bathroom situation but I’m willing to overlook that if it means a cute outfit. I decided for this blog post I would gather all my rompers and show the ways that I might style them; obviously this was before I realized how many I had accumulated over the years. But alas anything for the gram and the blog amirite? So maybe grab a snack because you might be here a while and then keep scrolling to see my collection of rompers.

Striped Textured Romper with Back-tie (Marshalls)

This has been the newest addition to my romper collection- as in two days ago new. I don’t usually shop at Marshalls but the peachy shade of this romper immediately had me reaching for it and then when I turned it around and saw the tie detail I knew I had to have it. I love rompers that can be worn for an outdoor picnic with a pair of flats but also can be paired with some heels for a dressy look.




Coral Zip Up Romper (The Bay- Material Girl)

Here is an oldie but a cutie! Now I’m not sure if Material Girl still exists and I was never really a huge fan of their stuff but this romper was too cute to pass up. I love the coral shade and the zipper detail. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the back but it is a fun criss cross detailing giving this cute romper some character. Now for the sake of time I kept my shoes the same for most of these rompers but I would pair this romper with some neutral lace up flats!




Lace Romper (Dynamite)

Casual rompers are great and all but I absolutely love rompers that I can wear for a night out! This v-neck lace romper is so fun and perfect for a night out. Rompers like this one are so easy to style because they don’t need a ton of accessories to make them pop. Dynamite comes through once again!




Loose Print Shirt Romper (Zara)

Okay this romper has made an appearance on my blog before (check out #Vegasdays). I said then that this would be my go to romper for a while and here we are almost 2 years later with it still being my go to romper. I am not usually one for busy prints but because the colors are not dramatic and more on the neutral side, this romper called out to me. Beyond that, the loose fit and casual look makes it perfect for a lazy day outfit. Seriously obsessed!




Jumpsuit Shirt Dress (Zara)

Alright here we go from one Zara find to the next! Since I am talking about lazy and loose fitting rompers I had to go to this one next. This casual, shirt jumpsuit is perfect for days you lack the motivation to put any effort in. I have worn this jumpsuit with a pair of bright sneakers since the neutral color provides the opportunity to have some fun. Also rompers like these really hide days where you may have eaten a few extra timbits ;).





Loose Fit Print Jumpsuit Dress with Back-tie (Zara)

Okay so obviously I seem to have a favorite place for romper shopping. Another find from Zara is this print jumpsuit with the super cute back tie detail. This jumpsuit is super feminine with its loose sleeves and then the back cut out. I absolutely love jumpsuits that can pass as dresses making this one a perfect find. This one is perfect for a day out in the sun or even a night out on a patio.





Button- Front Shirt Romper (Forever 21)

Even though this next romper is pretty basic, I am obsessed with anything navy in color so I knew I had to have it. This is one I might even wear to work with a pair of tights thrown underneath. Paired with these loafers, this romper is also great for a causal evening out.




Long Sleeve Floral Romper (Forever 21)

I don’t know how I ended up with a floral print like this in my closet. I am someone who is not a huge fan of floral print on my clothes (maybe that’s the tomboy in me whose still alive). Anyways this next romper, even though floral print all over was too hard to pass up.





Frilled Floral Print Romper (H&M)

After talking about how much I am not a floral person…here we have another floral print romper. Now sometimes my vacations influence my purchases so I had bought this particular one for Thailand and it was perfect for that trip! The material is super thin making it a perfect choice for a scorching hot day. I am obsessed with the pastel blue and cream combination and the frilled details. Even the floral couldn’t stop me from adding this one to my collection!





Print Romper (Forever 21)

Having neutral colored rompers in your closet is perfect when you don’t feel like putting a ton of effort trying to be creative with your outfit. I love this next romper, which although neutral still has some character with the Aztec print. Paired with these peep toe heels, this makes for an easy but effective going out outfit.




Mesh Cut-Out Romper (Dynamite)

I’m just going to let the next one speak for itself but seriously MESH, MESH, and more MESH! Obsessed!







Jumpsuit with Back Tie (Zara)

I knew I wasn’t quite done with Zara yet! Now this next romper appealed to me strictly based on the color! I saw it from across the store and knew I needed to have whatever that was in that sea green color staring right at me. Of course when I finally made my way towards it, it turned out to be this super cute jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is perfect for a night out with your girls. I actually imagined it being an outfit I’d wear in Vegas but alas my driveway is good enough for now. The plain front gives you the opportunity to throw on a fun statement necklace while the back has all the drama with the plunging back and tie up detail.  Thanks Zara for having me Vegas ready whenever I make my way back there.







Wrap Romper with Sleeve Cut-Outs (Dynamite)

Initially when I had seen this romper I thought maybe it just had too much going on with the cut outs and then the belt but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love. I love the striped details and the sleeve cut outs are just enough to give this romper a unique look. Now some might find black and white boring but I think it provides opportunity to pop some color which is why I chose these heels to pair with this romper. I think this one is still available on the Dynamite website and on sale so grab it quick if you like it 🙂




Okay somehow I managed to get through that and hopefully you did too. I would love to hear which romper style you liked best and hopefully I can provide some links on where you can find something similar. But that’s all from me, hope everyone has a great rest of their week <3.


❤ sharmz

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