Princess Feels

Oh how I love the weekends that I get to rock some Indian fashion. About two years ago I went to India and stocked up with some up to date fashion trends. Two years later, I’m still able to shop in my closet and pull out new suits to wear so I’m sure you can imagine what I mean when I say “stocked up”. The winner this weekend is a black piece with gorgeous rich gold and copper detailing. The long, floor touch (yes they literally call it that) design is really popular right now and I definitely felt like a princess in this outfit. I picked this suit up in Mumbai, India otherwise known as the city of dreams. I know my dream of finding some nice Indian outfits definitely came true there. I often choose light accessories with my Indian outfits as I never want to divert attention from the outfit itself. Paired with my black and gold Guess earrings and golden heels I was ready to head out for the evening.

 Many people tell me how jealous they are of the Indian outfits that “my people” get to wear and weekends like this really make me understand why.

 Be sure to keep scrolling to enjoy some Indian fashion ❤

Suit: Mumbai, India Earrings: Guess Shoes: Aldo

❤ sharmz

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