Trendy Turtlenecks

Alright so I’ve been slightly MIA from the blogging scene but I’m back! It’s been an interesting last little while for me. I recently quit my job of two years and decided that I needed to give myself some time to explore and find something I really want to be doing. Sounds like a pretty good idea? In essence yes but I didn’t quite realize how challenging it can actually be once you begin to explore your options. I know change is good but it’ll definitely take some getting used to.

Well that was the checking in and keeping everyone in the loop bit so now lets move onto what we’re all really here for. As a Canadian I am aware that from about November to April I can say goodby to dresses (at least without having to wear a million layers). Fall here is a season that lasts about a month and spring is fairly nonexistent as well. This makes it difficult to pull out certain dresses without having to think about tights, scarves and other accessories that’ll keep you surviving the harsh cold. Don’t get me wrong winter fashion can also be fun but lucky for us, 2016 sprung upon us a fairly mild winter; I have even been sporting my spring coat around the city (I KNOW, total rebel right here). So anyways moving away from the weather forecast, of course because it can still get slightly chilly, this weekend I pulled out this sweater dress I had picked up from Aritzia (but notice no tights? Thanks winter 2016!). Let me start by telling you how much I disliked the high neck/turtleneck look growing up. I felt it was too restrictive around the neck and just didn’t look the best, at least not on me. Recently though I have taken a strong liking to the look. They are perfect for causal outings but can also be dressed up for a fun night out. My look this weekend was more casual but I know I can glam it up with a statement necklace for another night. The washed out grayish-green color is so bomb and was perfectly contrasted with the black booties. I decided to keep the accessories light and went with my Pandora bracelet and Kate Spade studs.

Let’s move onto my favorite part of look shall we? My hair- I know it’s not exactly “out of my closet” but hey I’m going to talk about it anyways. I know so many girls who have been rocking this half bun half down look or as I like to call it ‘my Chris Hemsworth inspired look’ so I thought I’d give it a shot. It has always been my lazy go to hair at home so I thought hey why not try it for an evening out and I was obsessed. I got a lot of compliments for how it turned out and it honestly is one of the easiest hairstyles to throw on. I feel it really brought the whole look together and I know it’ll be a go to hairstyle for many occasions to come. Anyways I’ll stop yapping (can you tell I missed writing?) and let you check out the look. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share some ideas of what kinds of looks/blog posts you’d like to see next. Stay trendy fashionistas ❤


Dress: Aritzia Earrings: Kate Spade Booties: Aldo Bracelet: Pandora



❤ sharmz

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