Feel Good Fridays: Sisterhood Series Part 1

It’s no secret that I have craved sister love my whole life; the sister to share clothes with, the sister to talk boys with, and the sister to be your absolute weirdest with. I often saw sisters and felt jealous that I didn’t get to have one. I saw girl cousins who were as close as sisters and wondered why I didn’t have one of those either. Little me just couldn’t understand. Well little me grew up into big me and realized that there are friendships that can feel just as close as sister love but first big me needed to ask myself, “what does it mean to have a sister”? Well because I really had no reference point besides having heard others’ experiences, I gathered that this was someone you stole clothes from and quickly put back in their closet before they found out you took their favorite top. I heard from people this is who you told your silly secrets to. I also heard from people that a sister is equivalent to a best friend. Well, I thought to myself “do I have in anyone my life who I do all these things with”? Very quickly I realized how limiting my definition of a sister actually is. A sister isn’t just someone who shares clothes with you or that goes shopping with you. A sister isn’t just someone who you chit chat about boys with. A sister might be these things but definitely is a whole lot more. You might be wondering how my definition of “sister love” changed all of a sudden. Well lets just say that I have a few people in my life who have inadvertently helped me adjust this definition. Before I introduce person #1, let me introduce you to the ‘Sisterhood Series’. This series will highlight any friend of mine who has given me the opportunity to answer Neha’s lifelong question, “what does it mean to have a sister?”.

Mannat Kahlon

  1. Mannat is someone who fosters confidence in you that sometimes you aren’t aware you even have.
  2. Mannat is someone who will be your biggest cheerleader in front and behind the scenes. Even if that cheering sometimes comes across as yelling…
  3. Mannat is someone who will turn you into a cuddler and a hugger.
  4. Mannat is someone who will let you sleepover because you’re too scared to sleep at home alone.
  5. Mannat is someone who has you laughing for hours and hours just by being her own silly self.
  6. Mannat is someone who will motivate you to make changes in your life when something isn’t working and make you feel that no change is impossible to achieve.
  7. Mannat is someone who will teach you how to create a successful balance between life, relationships, work and everything in between.
  8. Mannat is someone who will listen to you say dumb crap and will also tell you honestly that it’s the dumbest crap she’s ever heard.
  9. Mannat is someone who will teach you the importance of traditions in life. Not just cultural traditions that we are taught but other ones that we create (#JannatCondoSundays).
  10. Mannat is someone who will give you the experience you craved all your life; the experience of a sister who willingly shares clothes, who talks boys and who loves wholeheartedly.

So who is Mannat? Well Mannat to me is a friend, a support and someone full of genuine love. Mannat taught me a sister isn’t just someone who lets you borrow her clothes but someone who lends you her shoulder when you’re having a rough day. Mannat taught me that a sister isn’t just someone who asks you how the boys are but someone who makes sure the person you are with is treating you the best you should be treated. And lastly Mannat taught me that sister love is also about tough love when a little push is needed. Whether I’m in need of that ugly cry or in need of a motivational lecture, I know Mannat’s door is wide open for her Nehi to come over. My Feel Good Friday message with this post is that sometimes we are given something from birth while other times we are given the opportunity to create something similar ourselves. I am thankful to have gotten the opportunity to foster a friendship with Mannat and little me is grateful that Mannat gave me a chance to expand my limited understanding of sister love.

Much love to my Manna ❤

❤ sharmz

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