They Take My Money

Well hello there fashionistas and welcome back to my page. I thought I would try something different for this blog post and really hope you enjoy. I’m not sure how many of you have noticed but I will hashtag all my posts on Instagram (@fromnehascloset) with #shopaholic and I don’t think any word could describe me better. I’ve mentioned before how much my mom complains about the amount of clothes I have; just yesterday she was telling me how much closet space I am hogging in the house. Of course I can’t disagree and really appreciate that my brother left me his closet when he moved out (and now I have…four?). In any case I thought it would be fun for me to talk about the stores that I love and the ones that take my money on a monthly…I mean weekly basis. Keep scrolling to see some of my go to stores and be sure to comment and let me know where you like to shop.

Forever 21

I’m not 21 anymore but this store definitely tops on my favorite list. I absolutely love this place and the different styles they have to offer. The store really caters to a variety of tastes and very rarely have I walked out empty-handed. It really helps that they have affordable prices or I’m pretty sure I’d be broke by now. Fancy or casual, I know I can always score an amazing outfit at an affordable price here.


Okay I thought Forever 21 was my favorite until I started writing about Zara. I often have to convince myself not to walk into Zara because I know I won’t be walking out without having fallen in love with about 20 things in there. The fashion available at this store really makes us feel like a part of Europe is around us. Let me tell you though Zara in Europe is on another level. In any case my favorite Zara product has got to be their pants. Being someone who is 5’2″, I often have a difficult time finding pants that fit me without some personal hemming from my lovely mother. Zara is one place that I don’t run into this problem as their jeans fit me perfectly. Thank you Zara for keeping us short people in mind.


Growing up, shopping at Aritzia always seemed like a big deal and sometimes it still does. Based on the prices of their products I always felt like Aritzia was the ultimate spending goals. HA that was until I traveled to Europe and saw all the brands out there that made Aritzia feel like pocket change (well not really…). After I started earning money I found myself checking out Aritzia much more and falling in love with so many of the styles they had to offer. From casual to fancy Aritzia has it all covered and really caters to different seasons and occasions.


Although I don’t shop there as much anymore, Dynamite was a store that topped my favorite list from high school onward. I kid you not when I say I was spotted in Dynamite at least twice every week; I was there so much that the staff knew me personally (slightly embarrassed). I fear going in too often now will bring my addiction back but Dynamite definitely took enough of my money back in the day.


Well this is definitely the place for me to fulfill all my shoe needs. At fairly reasonable prices and some great styles to offer, Aldo is the place where half my shoe collection is from. Aldo is also a great place to pick up accessories, again at a very reasonable cost.

Kate Spade

Although I have been getting better, I am not huge on accessories. I am a strong believer of the “less is more” theory and limit the amount of accessories with an outfit. With that being said my favorite place to shop for accessories has to be Kate Spade. I feel the feminine touch their accessories add to an outfit can’t be achieved with any other. Not only jewelry but their tumblers, iPhone cases and agendas are a must have on my list.

The Bay

Yes, The Bay! I absolutely love shopping at The Bay because they literally have everything; shoes, clothes, MAC, you name it. I mentioned half of my shoe collection was from Aldo, well I can guarantee that the other half comes from here. With some of the great promotions The Bay puts out, I have scored some really amazing pairs of shoes at reasonably low prices. Along with that they have some great clothing brands ranging from Vero Moda to Top Shop. If you have the time to look around and really sift through their styles, The Bay can be a great place to get your hands on some amazing fashion, shoes and accessories.


Well fashion might take most of my money but makeup doesn’t take any less. I am definitely one of those people who gets reeled in by the advertisements and the pretty packaging of products. “What? Gwen Stefani launched a new palette? Omg it’s in a gold container…BRB”. Between my obsession with make up and fashion I am surprised I still have any money in my bank account.

 Hmm…writing this post has me feeling like my mom might be onto something (*cancels Zara order*). Jokes apart, I honestly feel that retail therapy is a thing and I know for me it’s a time where I get to be myself and do something for myself. Whether it’s shopping or something else, be sure to take the time to do that something for yourself. Also I promised you in my last blog post that I would follow up on how my ban from the mall is/was going. Well fashionistas I did manage to last about 6 days before I went back with a friend. I guess there is no banning me from the mall but hey can I get an E for Effort? Anyways fashionistas I hope you enjoy this blog post and I will be back again soon with something fun. Keep shopping ❤

❤ sharmz

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