Lite Brite

No, this post will not be talking about the famous toy from our childhood (well some of us older folks anyways). This post will actually be focused on one of my favourite Indian festivals. Now as you may be able to tell from my Instagram feed, I love to dress up in Indian clothes. It may appear to some that I am deeply rooted in my culture and follow all the traditions but to be honest I don’t. I am a Hindu who eats beef. I am a Hindu who doesn’t know what half the festivals mean. But I am a Hindu who appreciates festivals with a strong core meaning. Diwali or the Festival of Lights is one of India’s most celebrated days. This is the day that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. This festival resonates with me because it is a reminder of new beginnings. I work in a field in which we will often talk about changing our reality and creating new beginnings so this festival really hits home for me. It is also a festival full of dressing up, eating sweets, lighting candles and spending quality time with loved ones. Diwali for me is celebrated by putting on one of my favorite suits, praying with my parents, allowing my mom the one opportunity to feed me some barfi (indian sweet) and lighting some candles around the house. Celebrated simply but full of a lot of love. I love dressing up for Diwali even if I am just staying home and doing a prayer with my parents. My go to Diwali outfit channels simplicity (surprise!) but still with some shine and glimmer. Usually this involves a suit, some bangles and some big jhumki (chandelier) earrings. My suit hack is simple: keep the top and pants plain, throw on a fun/heavy chuni (scarf) and have fun with your accessories. Below is my look for this Diwali season. Here’s wishing all those celebrating a very Happy Diwali full of light, love, and prosperity.

Until next time fashionistas!

❤ sharmz

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