Fall Florals

As far as I can remember I haven’t been a huge fan of floral print or long dresses so when you scroll you’ll probably find yourself scratching your head as to why I picked this dress up. Well lets start with the fact that it’s NAVY! I spoke in an earlier blog post about how anything blue will have me sold- well this one had me sold enough to not even bother trying it on.  The skinny straps, the plunging neckline and the pleated details all make this dress one worth picking up. This dress also gave me the opportunity to collab once again with my favorite Navreet (@yegadorn). Check out my previous collab with Navreet here: Collab Connection. Navreet opted for a cut crease makeup look and a messy low bun which completed this feminine look. Oh and she also let me borrow her gorgeous tassel earrings which rounded off the look perfectly- lets just call her the sister I never had. I forced Navreet to go behind the camera and be my photographer- I think she has another side career in the making. Keep scrolling to see what I mean:


Dress: Aritzia Shoes: Aldo Earrings: Courtesy of @yegadorn

The dress is also available in another great color for friends who are neutral fans: https://www.aritzia.com/en/product/beaune-dress/69095.html?dwvar_69095_color=14875

Until next time fashionistas!

❤ sharmz

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