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Getting back into the blogging world is tough once you let yourself out. However, it is not impossible which is why I’m back! Life has gotten busy and a little bit tough in the last little while but I am trying to dedicate some much needed time to my own space: this blog! Alright so I thought I would use today’s post to answer the question of the hour: how do you put outfits together? Well there’s no real magic trick to this process- it’s a recipe of clothes, accessories, and loads of fun. I understand that picking out clothes and putting together an outfit can be a real challenge and even overwhelming for some so I thought I would share some tips and tricks of how I put together some of my outfits.


One of the biggest traps we fall into is procrastination; we did it in school, we do it at work and we even do it when it comes to choosing an outfit to go out. It’s 7 pm on a Saturday and I need to be out in half an hour- “Eek! What am I going to wear?” Don’t let yourself get to this panicky stage. My way of avoiding this is our Tip #1Preplanning my outfit- not just the clothes but also the shoes I’m going to wear and the accessories I will pair with the outfit. Once I have planned it out I will always try it on to make sure it all makes sense and any changes can be made prior to the day that I need to slay in my outfit. This takes away all the stress that I might feel in that last moment before I have to walk out the door. Now because I am a pretty decisive person I will stick to what I have picked. For my indecisive friends, give yourself some leeway aka some time to make some last minute changes if needed- you know you might want to change something but perhaps challenging yourself to only change one thing can be helpful.

Tip 2Don’t over accessorize. We may fall victim to adding lots of accessories because well hey they look so pretty. I am huge on simplicity so often I will pair my outfits with one accessory which is usually a pair of stud earrings especially if my outfit is where I want my attention to be. If my outfit is more simplistic I will opt for a pair of statement earrings. My specifics with accessories is again to choose one- big earrings + huge statement necklace = overkill. Big earrings + dainty necklace = an equation I can handle.


Tip 3: Pick one thing you want to make pop! This ties in nicely with the previous tip. So a lazy hack I have is the following: if I am feeling a pair of shoes and they are pretty funky then I will really tone down the rest of my outfit. If there is a pop of color on a pair of shoes or a pair of earrings you know you can stick to an all black outfit. Pick one specific piece you are hoping to make pop; whether it’s the shoes, the earrings, or a pair of pants and be sure that nothing else on your ensemble is taking away from that focus.

Tip #4: Don’t be too rigid, be flexible! So not all outfits work on the first go (surprise!). Sometimes in my head the outfit makes sense and when I try it on I really question my judgment. So don’t be rigid, be flexible. In a fitting room I practice flexibility. I play- okay that sounds weird but let me explain what I mean. Take a top you actually wanted to try with a pair of green pants and try it on with the plaid skirt you may have hanging on the hooks. This may not have been your original vision but try it anyways. More often that not I am able to come up with a new and even better outfit than I had anticipated.

Tip #5: Go to the mall with a goal! Okay this is one that I don’t actually follow all the the time which is why I leave the mall with 4 bags full of nothing I needed. Going to the mall with a goal can make the experience a little less overwhelming. The more specific the goal the better! If you know you really want to wear your new denim skirt but can’t come up with a top I recommend Google! Typing in something like “denim skirt outfits” can help give you an idea of what kind of look you want to go for and help you develop a bit of a goal. Narrowing down what you are looking for can help keep you focused and maybe help avoid some of those unnecessary credit card swipes.


Tip #6: Shop in your closet! Again a tip I could definitely use more often but the times I have it has worked like a charm.. For the most part our closets are full of things that we already love (or else why would they be in there?). Chances are you already have a perfect outfit for a night out hanging in your closet so get creative. Mix some things that you didn’t really think would go together and then refer back to Tip #1!

Tip #7: HAVE FUN! Fashion and outfits are meant to be individual which means channeling yourself into what you put on. There are always trends- “Fall” “Winter” “Night” “Day”- trends that try to dictate how one should be dressing. Well I say don’t tell me what to do! Just kidding…but not really. It’s really important to stop and make the shopping experience fun and your own.

So I have really tried to limit my tips to the ones above but I am sure I could have gone on and on. Now these are just a few things that work for me. I’d love to hear some of your tips so comment below and share how you make shopping and putting together outfits fun and easy for yourself.

Until next time fashionistas!

Dress: Top Shop Bralette: Aritzia Boots: Aldo Bag: Zara Earrings: Geo Collection

❤ sharmz

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