Collab Connection

Happy Sunday fashion friends! This weekend saw my very first collaboration with a local yeg makeup artist. Now I have had my blog for almost two years and have never really considered delving into the world of collabs with local artists. Why? Well simply because I just never considered them- I considered myself to be a simple blogger who put some outfit ideas out there and if someone was inspired great and if not, well hey at least I was doing something I enjoyed. Navreet from @yegadorn reached out to me almost a year ago to do a collaboration together. At the time we were unable to make it work due to busy schedules and perhaps a teensy bit of hesitation from my end. Not sure what the hesitation was at the time but I guess a part of me lacked the confidence to flaunt someone else’s work. So what changed? Well I guess my perspective to say the least. Navreet reached out to me again and I thought to myself if I’m going to do this I’d like for it to be with someone genuine; someone who seems to actually enjoy what I put out there. A collab for me became not about promoting or flaunting her work but the opportunity to build a new connection. I met Navreet and I felt an instant friendship- she was down to earth, chatty, and a friends fanatic like me (selling point right there). We shot a makeup video for her Instagram and she became my personal photographer for some fashion photos. Collaborating with Navreet reinforced a couple of things for me: 1) collab with someone you feel a connection with- you can tell pretty quick 2.) forget about why you’re collaborating for a moment and just have fun- enjoy each other’s company 3.) collab for the right reasons. My right reason was meeting someone genuine and building a connection with someone who is passionate about what they do. I’m going to end my post off with this; in our busy day to day, we often find it hard to continue building meaningful connections. The blogging world has allowed me the opportunity to do that; I have met some great people and hope to continue to do so. I am thankful to Navreet for reaching out and well pushing me out of my comfort zone. I’ll leave you with the following pictures to enjoy where Navreet not only killed it with the makeup but took some pretty amazing photos for me too- I might just have to steal her.

Oh before I leave let me talk outfit. Navreet and I had decided we would do a Valentine’s Day inspired look and we all know the cliché colors are anything in the red and pink family. As most of you might know, I have been obsessing over wide legged trousers lately so for this look I opted for a pair of baby pink trousers. Topped with a lace cami and a pair of neutral kitten heels and ta-da we had an outfit. I wanted to do something different from the usual cute dress you might lean towards for a Valentine’s Day look and I was quite happy with how this look turned out. The addition of Navreet’s smoky eye makeup made this a perfect night out look.

Outfit Details:
Dynamite Pants: Zara Shoes: Vince Camuto
Navreet from @yegadorn

❤ sharmz

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