That Time…I Went on a Date with Myself

Now this may seem like a silly thing to blog about but I felt like it was an important experience that I wanted to share. Now for some reason going to a bigger event like a hockey game or a concert has to be done as a group or partner activity. I am guilty of thinking the same way; I have missed many events due to not finding someone to go with which I have to blame my spontaneity and lack of planning for. Going to an event alone seems to be a bigger deal than it needs to be. When I told a friend of mine I was going to a game alone I got the response “ALONE?”, another friend even joked that maybe I should be nicer to people so they’d want to go with me…or maybe he was serious. In any case, yes I decided that I would be going to a hockey game on my own. No it is not that I couldn’t find people to go with but rather that I chose not to really ask anyone. For a long time I had wondered what it felt like to attend a hockey game alone- I mean it seemed like the perfect place for me to go on my own; there’s people everywhere that share a similar passion. So this was motivation enough for Neha to decide that she wants to take Neha out on a date to the hockey game. Alright now Neha… I mean I found myself one of the finest seats in the house- row 2! I could see the boys up close and personal and pretty soon had forgotten that I was there on my own. I spent a solid $9 on snacks (I know! Big spender!) for myself and was all set to have a great afternoon! Now I have been to plenty hockey games and I knew that if you are sitting beside other fans, you will at some point strike up a conversation about the game; how great or in this case crappy your team is playing. I was lucky enough to be sitting beside a really friendly stranger who struck up a conversation with me and through the game showed me pictures of his wife and his up close and personal interactions with the Oilers. It became apparent to me that I would not have had this wonderful interaction with this stranger had I been there with someone I already knew. Often times when we go to an event with someone else we close ourselves off to outsider interaction- now this may not be on purpose but simply given the fact that we are so absorbed in our own interactions to pay attention to others around us. What I had anticipated to maybe be a “weird” experience was actually quite an enlightening experience. I learned that it is great to attend events with friends (yes I do have some) but also important to realize how to be comfortable on your own. I am someone who would have never thought to even go eat at Wendy’s on my own and now that seems like such a silly thing to be worried about. My impulsive decision to go on my own not only taught me that I don’t need others to have fun but also to be more open minded to doing things on my own. Give it a try! Plan an evening out for yourself and do it! Why wait for someone else to take you out when you can do it for yourself!



❤ sharmz

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