Behind the Blog Posts

Happy Sunday fashion friends! I’ve been asked time and time again how many photos I take before I get one I like; well my answer is always “a lot”, but getting a good photo is about more than just me being picky. For this blog post I thought it would be fun to show you what goes into capturing blog worthy photos. I wish I could say I walk out and instantly have the few shots that I feel I can post but alas it isn’t that easy. Of course every blogger has their own process but mine usually involves the 10 steps below. Keep scrolling to see some behind the scenes on how I manage to capture some pictures worth looking at.

Step 1: Get your outfit on point


Step 2: Text a friend that a photo sess is needed (preferably someone who won’t judge and knows your angles)



Step 3: Scope out the perfect location


Step 4: Gain control of your RBF


Step 5: Attempt to take “candid” photos



Step 6: Get spotted, so awkwardly pretend you’re actually taking pictures of scenic #yeg


Step 7: Continue photo ops but proceed with caution





Step 8: Do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot (e.g. create your own wind)



Step 9: Happy dance because your photographer knows what she’s doing


Step 10: Peace out cuz photo sess was a success

Top: Dynamite Cover Up: Dynamite Shorts: Zara Shoes: Aldo Sunglasses: Dynamite

❤ sharmz

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