What Does ‘Fashion’ Mean to You?

A little while ago I was at an event where a bunch of us began talking about fashion- I would like to clarify that I did not start this conversation, my outfit may have though. Anyways it eventually moved into a discussion of one of my friend’s explaining his fashion choices and also the influence his wife has on his sense of style (I’m sure many other men can relate). It got me thinking; everyone’s sense of style is so unique and it is so interesting to hear the different ways in which people define what fashion means to them. Before I get to anyone else though, I will talk about what fashion means to me. Well fashion to me is the cliché- be yourself and wear what’s comfortable! Referencing back to that discussion, we went on to talk about how when the season changes one should only wear certain pieces from their wardrobe because it is now a new season. Well I say why? I feel that even if it is the summer I should be able to rock a pair of sweats. Sure I may get some raised eyebrows but hey that’s me being myself and wearing what is comfortable. So I thought it would be interesting to go around and ask some other people what fashion means to them? This is my version of a social experiment so I hope you enjoy and be sure to comment on what fashion means to you!



Before I end this post, I would like to sign off by saying thank you to all my friends who willingly participated and the others who I harassed to participate. Love you all! ❤

❤ sharmz

3 thoughts on “What Does ‘Fashion’ Mean to You?”

  1. Fashion to me is comfort and being carefree. It’s my favorite pair of Levis, a white tee, and my Converse tennis shoes. In my book, there’s nothing better!


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