Game Day Glam

If you know me you probably already know a few things: A) I am a shopaholic B) I love to dance and C) I am obsessed with hockey! I have been a hockey fan for as long as I can remember and I am a fan to the point where I either schedule my social events around hockey games, I only go out to eat where I can watch the game, or I pull out GameCentre and watch the game while I am out (rude I know but people are used to it…I think). I have always felt pride in the Oilers and honestly have watched them play even through their worst of seasons but now after TEN FRICKEN YEARS, the Oilers have finally made it to the Playoffs and I could not be more excited and emotional about the whole thing.  I am so excited for the Post Season which is where the inspiration for this post comes from.

Since the Oilers have made it to the playoffs this year (can’t say that enough), it’ll be nice to have some ideas on how you can style your game day look. Now lucky for us it’s April and we are seeing a change in weather. Although it can still get a bit nippy outside, the plus temperatures during the day might be enough for us to start sporting shorts. The first look includes the Oilers jersey tucked in with a pair of denim shorts and some heels to add a bit of character. The same outfit can been styled with a pair sneaker wedges and flat sneakers.




This next look is definitely my staple game day look. Jersey, pair of ripped jeans and a cute pair of heels. It’s simple but so effective and you can never go wrong with this ensemble.


Feeling adventurous? One of the easiest ways to spice up your jersey look is to wear it like a dress. Grab yourself an oversized jersey and pair it with pair of flats, boots or even some heels and you’ll definitely stand out! It helps to have men in your house so you don’t have to look far for an oversized jersey (thanks Broski!). If you feel uncomfortable with the jersey dress look you can sneak a pair of black shorts underneath- which is what I did.



Now you might be someone who doesn’t own a jersey or can’t justify blowing $100+ on one. Fear not! There are definitely ways around that while still looking like you fit in with the rest of the fans. The easiest way to do that is to grab a baseball cap and throw it on with any outfit you like. Of course once you get to the game, buy yourself a foam finger and no one can say you don’t belong.



Now I am pretty sure I was a Red Wings fan before I became an Oilers fan- back since the Stevie Y days. Unfortunately this year they are not in the Playoff run and it broke my heart a little bit. With that being said I still thought I’d show you how I’d style my Red Wings jersey. The first look is kept pretty basic with the jersey being paired with white jeans and black heels for contrast.


If you’re feeling more cutesy and girly you might pair your jersey with a cute white skirt and a pair of sneakers.


There you have it! I hope that gives you some ideas on how you can style your game day look no matter what team you’re cheering for. I’d love to see and hear about other ways you might style your game day look so be sure to comment below. That’s it from me, until next time fashionistas, GO OILERS GO!

❤ sharmz

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