Shades of Gray

Most people talk about black as being their go to color and why not? It’s easy, it makes you look slim and really you can never go wrong with anything black. I wear at least one black piece of clothing every day but when I go out or dress up, I like to deviate from the black and add some color. Now to say my wardrobe is full of color would be a lie so when I talk about moving away from black I like to introduce gray. Gray is the perfect color for those of us who don’t like to travel too far out of our comfort zone but still want to make an attempt at something different. With that being said, some might consider gray to be a “boring” or “dull” color. Well I would disagree as I feel gray provides so much opportunity to be spiced up with detail and accessories. Okay so now that I have fought my case for the color gray I actually have a specific dress I wanted to talk about. Usually I am visiting on the regular and keeping up to date with their new styles but somehow I missed this dress. Worry not though, I came across it while I was in store and fell in LOVE- not with the dress quite yet but with just how incredibly soft the material is. I talked about a dress being spiced up with detail and this one does just that; with the shoulder cutouts and also the high neck which gives you a chance to accessorize with a nice statement piece, I knew this could turn into one hell of an outfit. With all that being said I wasn’t sure about the whole look until I actually had every piece of it together and that is when I fell in love with the dress. For my lazy friends who are thinking accessorizing etc. is just too much effort, this dress can be worn perfectly as is with a cute pair of heels. If my pictures don’t tempt you to get this one, the baggy nature, the color and the detailing will definitely have you sold. OH and did I mention how soft it is?


Dress: Dynamite Shoes: Aldo Necklace: Aldo Watch: Vince Camuto

❤ sharmz

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