New Year, Better Me

It’s that time of year again where we have to transition from writing ’16 to ’17- lets be real, THAT is one of the biggest transitions we face when a New Year is around the corner. Well of course with each ending year also comes the age old question, “what is your New Years Resolution for 2017?” Ahh…okay so not only do I have to deal with the year ending but now I also have to come up with ways I want to change myself? This is where people begin to fall into the “New Year, New Me” trap. Resolutions focus on weight loss, eating healthy, ending unhealthy relationships etc. Now my question is, why does one set themselves up for the whole year beginning on day 1 of the year and even if you do why is this considered to be a new version of yourself? To avoid getting preachy, I am just going to hone in on how I feel about the “New Year, New Me” bit. I personally feel a New Year should bring new ambitions, new goals, and a new perspective but without the pressure of having to change oneself which is why I would like to say with a ‘New Year’ comes a ‘Better Me’. Use the New Year to become a better version of yourself, whether that is focusing on weight loss goals, developing new hobbies or just plain living in the moment. Your resolutions, goals, drive should focus on what you wish to achieve rather than what you feel other people want you to achieve. If you feel that making a resolution for yourself will help you become a better version of yourself then so be it. Ultimately you do you and own the New Year however you wish to but a New Year should not be our only excuse to become a better version of ourselves. Essentially “New Me” and “Better Me” might mean the same thing but the latter takes away the negative connotation of changing oneself just because we have entered a new year. Now to end this somewhat preachy post I would just like to say, whether its a resolution or the people around you, motivate yourself not to just change but rather to improve and don’t give credit to this as being a new you but rather finding a different part of you. I for one do not make resolutions but if someone were to ask me that age old question that I began this post with, my response would be, “I would like to take everyday one day at a time”. Simply put, live in the moment. That’s what ‘New Year, Better Me’ looks like. I wish everyone a great 2017 and hope that everyone makes it a year worth remembering <3.

❤ sharmz


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