Lets Fuse!

The outfit on the blog today has to be one of my most favorite outfits that I have ever worn. It was so simple but I felt it was just the right amount of different to be noticeable. Now the skirt/lengha I ordered off of a website called Fashion Mania. This came as a whole outfit; skirt with a top but unfortunately I was not a huge fan of the top that was sent to me and it was too big. Of course instead of throwing a tantrum, I figured this was a chance to do a little bit of fusion. I knew I wanted a crop top to go with the skirt but I had a very particular crop top in mind. Now because I have come to terms with my OCD when it comes to clothing, I knew that I would not wear the skirt until I found the perfect top. So my mind had now painted for me a very particular black, full sleeve but off the shoulder crop top- sounds ridiculous? Maybe but I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for; actually it was better than what I was looking for! This crop top not only was black, full sleeve AND off the shoulder but also came equipped with a choker. Of course for formality sake I tried the whole thing on and it was perfect and exactly what I had imagined. I hope you enjoy this outfit just as much as I have enjoyed wearing it.


Crop Top: H & M Skirt: Fashion Mania Shoes: Aldo Earrings: Aldo

❤ sharmz

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