Not so Fancy Neha

Happy Sunday fashionistas! I feel that often times we end up blogging about all the things we are doing right or the times we look our best, but a friend of mine mentioned to me how she really enjoys blog posts that get real. I’m all about real talk so I figured why not introduce you to what Neha looks like on the average weekend. I remember when I first created my blog I was quite skeptical as I never thought of myself as being super fashionable or stylish no matter how much people would tell me I am. A comment that really put things into perspective for me was when I had posted a picture on Instagram and I had a friend text me and say “where was this in uni?” That comment really struck me; no I wasn’t like this in university, I was the girl who walked around in baggy sweatpants (no Reebok’s doe) and every now and then putting an effort included throwing on a pair of leggings with a tunic. Essentially he was right, I wasn’t like this in university and I am still not like this on an average weekend. I think a common misconception people have about me is that I am dressed to the nines all the time and this is seriously not the case- my family will vouch for me there, they’ve seen the ugly. On an average weekend I also love to lounge around in my pajamas, my sweat pants or my Oilers onesie; really just be like any other person. When I go out of course I do put in more effort and my passion for throwing together fun outfits comes through. Over the years my interest in fashion has grown immensely but that lazy, lack of effort when it comes to fashion Neha is also still there and I figured it was time to meet her. So I thought this blog post could really be about introducing my fashion friends to the Neha that my Instagram might not show. Hope you enjoy 🙂

There you have it fashion friends! Do I love fashion? Yes. Do I look fashionable all the time? Definitely not! Do I feel fashionable all the time? Yes, because fashion to me is being comfortable. The world is your runway and you get to choose how you want to walk on it. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the part of my world where fashion sometimes might not be what you expect 🙂

❤ sharmz

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