Transition: Casual to Dressy

Ever wear something out during the day and think to yourself “Ugh well it would be nice if I could just wear this out tonight too!” I know I have, well at least to some extent. I am also someone who will change outfits completely if I have two events in a day. However, I figured I could probably make my life easier (and also keep my bed pile free) if I just tried spicing up a more casual look. Below are some ways in which I took this off the shoulder dress from a casual look to an evening, more dressy look. The casual look is where the dress is paired with my gold sneakers (or plimsolls, if we want the technical term). Transitioning this look to an evening look was an interesting challenge. The pattern of this dress can provide for more of a casual look so I decided to add a belt, throw on some heels but keep the accessories light. I also curled my hair because hey that always helps people look like they put an effort in. Keep scrolling to see the two different looks and the outfit details 🙂






Dress: Zara Shoes: Zara




Dress: Zara Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Vince Camuto

   ❤ sharmz

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