Blushing Bodysuit

Hello fashionistas and welcome back to my blog! I am going to skip my usual check in because I’m just too excited about this look on the blog today. So lets start with a little back story shall we? I was doing my usual walk around the mall and of course had to check in at Dynamite and see what was new (bad idea? my mom would say so!). Okay let me be real, I already had an idea of what I wanted so lets just ignore the whole pretending to look around bit. I walked in and there it sat, the blush pink body suit that @dynamitestyle on Instagram had introduced me to. Of course as a formality I decided to try it on and surprise surprise I loved it. The body suit is perfect for a night out and also for a day out- cleavage, no cleavage, you get to choose! My intention with the body suit was more of a night out look which is where my struggle began. So now I had this awesome piece but nothing to wear it with (again my mom would disagree). I searched my closet and could not find anything to pair this body suit with so back to the drawing b…I mean mall I went. I searched far and wide; honestly I didn’t even know what I was looking for which made this ten times harder. My ample hours spent at the mall were only telling me what I didn’t want and I’m pretty sure the sales associates thought I was slightly on the crazy side. Anyways lets fast forward and let me just say I finally found what I was looking for. Well it wasn’t a skirt that I found but a pair of shoes which inspired the rest of the look. My intention of making it a night out outfit went out the window and I decided to make this a cute day time look. The body suit was paired with a white skirt and these strappy Disney heels to complete a perfect day time look. If there is any take home message from this story it is that a new pair of shoes can really change your life or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to justify my purchases ;). Anyways I hope you enjoyed my adventure on how I got this outfit and I’ll leave you with some pictures to enjoy. Stay stylin’ fashionistas ❤




Bodysuit: Dynamite Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: Call it Spring Earrings: Aldo

❤ sharmz

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