Black and Grey Love Affair

The biggest mistake you can make is to tag me in an outfit and tell me it’ll be perfect for me. Let me just clarify that I’m not complaining, I actually urge my friends to continue making such mistakes ;). About a month ago a friend of mine tagged me in a picture on Instagram telling me that the particular outfit had my name all over it. Well I didn’t want to disappoint her so guess what I did? Yep I went out the next day to go have a look at how that outfit would be on me. Initially skeptical as the dress is quite long I still went ahead and gave it a shot and yes, of course I loved the way it looked. The dress really accents the right areas and looks perfect paired with this grey waterfall vest. Shout out to dynamite and of course my friend for introducing me to this outfit. Keep scrolling to see this perfect neutral combination 🙂








Dress: Dynamite Vest: Dynamite Necklace: Aldo Shoes: Calvin Klein

 ❤ sharmz

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