Doorstep Favorites

So I thought I’d start the New Year with a different kind of post. I know many of you have seen monthly makeup favorites on YouTube so I thought why not do this with clothes. So why is this post called ‘Doorstep Favorites’? Well on Boxing Day I decided to avoid the mall lineups and instead succumb to the dangers of online shopping. Those of you who online shop or have online shopped will understand why I say dangers. Anyways let’s just say all shopaholic tendencies kicked in while practicality took a backseat and I shopped to my heart’s content. Of course there’s the waiting game involved when you shop online but the fulfilling feeling you experience when your package shows up at your door (or the mailbox down the street) is indescribable. Some of you reading this are probably going, “umm you got problems girl” and others of you I know going “yep, been there”. Well this post is to share my personal favorite pieces that I got in the mail these past couple of weeks. If you share my excitement about getting new clothes, keep scrolling to see mine šŸ™‚

Illuminate Dress: Mura Boutique

I wish I had had this dress for earlier when I was in Vegas. It is the perfect party dress! I ordered this one off an Australian website ( that a friend of mine turned me onto. I recommend you to take a look and pay attention to when they have sales and free shipping (hint: follow them on Instagram). I don’t think the picture does justice to how gorgeous this dress actually is. From the baby pink color to the sequin detailing to the low scoop back, everything is on point with this dress. Cannot wait for the perfect occasion to come up so I can rock this dress.

Wilfred Diderot Sweater: Aritzia

Well because it’s winter time I had to keep the cold in mind. As much as I just wanted to order cute dresses, I would look outside to remind myself that it was not the time for that for a while (see I can be logical when I shop sometimes). Anyways I came across this open-front sweater from Aritzia; I remember buying this sweater a couple of months ago and thought it was too expensive so I returned it. Of course $5 cheaper and I was all over it (maybe I spoke to early about the logic part). This sweater is your best friend during the winter. Its cozy and if you buy it a little bit bigger it keeps you perfectly warm. It comes in many different colors but I picked it up in black so it would go with everything.

Pointed Lace-up Ballerinas: Zara

Next I have this super cute pair of strappy flats. I bought a similar pair years ago and they were the most uncomfortable things i had ever purchased but I thought i would give them a try again. These particular ones from Zara are quite comfortable but hey shoes always feel comfortable when you wear them for 2 minutes around the house. Anyways what’s a little pain to look good amiright? Well this particular pair caught my eye especially being that neutral color which will match tons of outfits. Unfortunately I have to wait a few months to wear them but they were definitely one of my mail favorites.

Sunday Best Patterson Blouse: Aritzia

This top I already wore out- you can see the look on my Instagram (@fromnehascloset). I saw it online and instantly fell in love with the color. I love how the burgundy is contrasted with the white collar. This is a perfect top that can be dressed up for a night out but also be worn for a casual during the day look.

Long Blouse: Zara

I absolutely love this sheer black tunic! I feel that sheer blouses are making a comeback so I decided to order this one. Really it ended up being one of those “oh I need one more thing to get free shipping so let me buy this.” To my surprise I really liked this top and the loose fit makes for a comfortable but classy look. It might be hard to notice in the picture but the silver bead work on the neck and silver detailing integrated through the blouse really gives it some character.

V-neck Crop: Forever 21

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I absolutely love crop tops (refer to Velvet Weekend blog post). With a pair of high waisted pants or a high waisted skirt this crop top looks absolutely adorable. For my Indian friends it could also be the perfect substitute for a sari blouse or a lengha top. The front and back v-neck makes for a very sexy yet classy look. The rich maroon color of the top also makes for a great night out and I am excited to pair it with the shadow stripe mesh skirt I talk about below.

Wilfred Free Tyra Skirt: Aritzia

Alright so lets move onto to some bottoms. Lets start with this bandage skirt I ordered off I am not a huge fan of skirts; I like to make outfits easy and sometimes dresses are just so much easier to wear for a night out where you don’t have to worry about matching a top with your bottoms. In any case I thought I would try to give skirts more of a chance so I ordered this one. What really appealed to me about this skirt was the color. The material and detailing on the skirt does provide for a slightly casual look but then we have the color and the wrap effect which make it seem like a perfect going out choice. Can’t wait to make an outfit out of it.

Shadow Stripe Mesh Skirt: Forever 21

Whoa! Another skirt! Apparently I was feeling skirts when I was placing my orders. This shadow stripe mesh skirt is absolutely beautiful. The high waist allows for this skirt to be perfectly paired with a crop top. I think it is perfect for a date night look or a holiday look. Cut at knee length and the striped details make this skirt a perfect choice for any occasion.

I didn’t realize how much I ordered till I began to write this post (and this isn’t even all of it). I hope you enjoy my favorites from the many things that I ordered. I also hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and have had an amazing start to your 2016. Happy shopping fashionistas ā¤

ā¤ sharmz

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