Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well it’s winter in the capital city so here is my winter wonderland post. If you don’t get snow where you are I’m sure you’ll be jealous of how beautiful the city looks with a blanket of snow. If only there was just snow and no cold to go with it I would be all for this weather too. Anyways let’s just ignore that fact since this is what we must embrace for the next few months; positive thinking? I think so. Well winter isn’t all bad, there’s some good winter fashion we can focus our attention on. Of course you’ll see everyone sporting their big parkas and toques but who says there cant be fashion in that. I recently purchased my first long parka and at a great price let me tell you. My mom picked this one out for me despite her “you have too many clothes” and “you spend too much money” lectures. The inner fleece lining of the coat makes for a very warm and comfortable wear. Under this layer of warmth I finally got a chance to wear my faux fur vest. Given the neutral shade of the vest I decided to keep the rest of my outfit black so that the vest could be the main attraction. To dress it up I added a pair of high heeled booties. Here are some of the fun winter pictures, unfortunately because it was cold I didn’t get too many of the vest but it’ll definitely come up again in future blog posts. Since this will be my last post of 2015 I want to sign off by wishing everyone an amazing 2016 ❤


Coat: Zara Fur Vest: Aritzia Tunic: Dynamite Shoes: Aldo Mittens: Aritzia

❤ sharmz

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