Easily Suede

Wow it has been a while since my last blogpost! Things have been slightly busy on my end so I have definitely not been going out as much but this weekend was packed with some fun. Somehow the weekend that I should have been strapped to my seat working on my paper I had tons of exciting things going on. Of course Halloween was last night and I made last minute plans resulting in a last minute costume (check out my IG @fromnehascloset to see the costume). All of this resulted in putting off my assignment! Anyways enough about that assignment and onto more exciting things like tonight’s outfit. It was my best friend’s birthday and another excuse to pull out a new dress. This hunter green suede dress happened to come in the mail just a couple of days ago and I just had to wear it. The loose and comfortable fitting off the dress is to die for. I neutralized the deep color of the dress with neutral accessories and was ready to go. Something I have to talk about though is the accessories I ordered from ASOS. I had heard a lot about this site and just had to try it for myself; I figured I’d start by ordering something small so went ahead and stocked up on some accessories. To my pleasant surprise the accessories were exactly what I had pictured and I would totally repurchase from ASOS again. The arm cuff spices up any outfit without overdoing it and the headband was something new I tried. The leaf detailing on the headband is gorgeous and can be used to tame that hair in a classy way.

Well I think I have distracted myself enough for the night and should get back to my assignment. Until next time friends <3.


Dress: Forever 21 Clutch: BCBGeneration Shoes: BCBGeneration Headband: ASOS Arm Cuff: ASOS Earrings: Bebe

❤ sharmz

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