Twenty Something

Well I thought I would have more time after finishing up my coursework but somehow I have less. I started working at my practicum site and I love it so far but it is definitely time consuming and obviously trying to balance life along with it is another challenge. But I’m trying I’m trying!

Anyways enough about that lets move onto more important things…like how I just turned 24! Of course there are people out there thinking “oh you’re still a baby” and then there’s me going “holy crap I am OLD!” I know I know it’s not that old but I had a hard time processing the fact that I am now 24 so I delayed writing this post as much as I could. September 11, 2015 I woke up to an alarm titled “24? WHY GOD WHY?!” (Where the ‘Friends’ fans at?). I guess the hardest part of accepting age is that there are certain things you aim to have achieved by a certain age and if those aren’t done you sit there wondering what the heck you have been doing this whole time. That is how I felt about turning 24- I understand you cant define life by numbers and justify experiences by age but sometimes it is hard not to. Long story short it was a tough day of trying to accept getting another year older BUT lets focus on the fun things. I had a week full of celebrating with friends and family. Lots of cake, lots of presents but apparently not enough pictures. So unfortunately this blog is not so fashion focused but here’s a quick post on turning 24 and I’ll be back with some new outfit posts soon!


Dress: H & M Shoes: Aldo Jewelry: Expression

❤ sharmz

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