Go with the Flow

Catching up with a group of girlfriends calls for a cute outfit. I had been dying to wear this skirt I picked up from Zara last month. Paired with a crop top I feel it made for a fun, casual outfit- perfect for dinner! I am always skeptical of longer skirts as I am shorter and they don’t really help my case but luckily for me this skirt worked especially when paired with the Calvin Klein pumps. Like I mentioned in my first post I am all about the comfort which made this outfit all the more appealing. The loose flow of the skirt and simplicity of the crop top allowed me to remain comfortable- I mean I’d go to bed in this outfit.

Well you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell anyways, the Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is a gem I picked up at the outlets in Vegas and let me just say I am obsessed! I have made it my permanent wallet (till I find a new obsession of course) and absolutely adore the colors. The three tone wallet goes well with literally everything. I almost didn’t buy this wallet but I’m glad common sense and practicality took a back seat so that I could make this purchase (#conversionkilledmelater).

Well in between papers and projects due for my last course I thought I’d do a quick blogpost because really I’d like to be doing anything but homework. Enjoy this look and I will be back with something new soon ❤


Crop Top: Urban Outfitters Skirt: Zara Wallet: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes: Calvin Klein Bracelet: Pandora

❤ sharmz

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