Summer season means wedding season but unfortunately I only have a couple to attend this year. Anyways this past weekend I got to attend a good family friend’s wedding and this meant I pulled out some of my favorite saris to show off. The particular sari winner of the weekend was this green one which seemed to be a perfect choice for the summer. I remember shopping in India and when the shopkeeper pulled out this sari it was love at first sight (yes my love happens instantly only when it comes to clothes). Green being one of my favorite colors the sari appealed to me right away so it was a must buy. My aunt stitched the blouse exactly to my liking- simple but still with a little attitude and excitement to it. Often people will get carried away with Indian looks overdoing it with jewelry and makeup. I am very much about keeping it simple which is why my sari was styled with silver studs, a bindi, and bangles to complete the look. I am a believer of the ‘less is more’ policy and tried not to complicate this outfit. The sari itself is fairly busy making it important not to overdo it with the accessories. I usually don’t repeat saris but this will definitely be one I pull out again in the future.


Oh and the title- well this sari had me feeling like a peacock and for all the Punjabis out there and absolute favorite dance song is called Morni meaning peacock. There you go, a lesson in Punjabi for the non-Punjabis. Cheers till next time 🙂

❤ sharmz

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