A Touch of Desi

There are some that know me as a fairly normal Canadian born individual while others who know me as a Punjabi, slightly crazy individual. So which one am I? I guess I will admit that I can be both. I was born here so I guess that is the normal Canadian part but I am pretty brown, dip, desi (whatever you want to call it) otherwise. My wardrobe consists of a million dresses but it also consists of just as many saris. I went to India last year and stocked up so I think I am good for a lifetime but hey you can never have enough right? Some look at saris and think “holy gosh don’t you trip when you wear that” and here I am thinking “give me more weddings to show off my saris”. I absolutely love wearing saris, I think they are gorgeous and super comfortable. The best part of being an Indian girl is the variety of clothes you can wear- saris, suits, lenghas, etc. Below are some of my favorite Indian looks that I have worn in the past:




photo 5(16)me


And don’t worry, with wedding season just around the corner I will be harassing all of you with my new sari look. Stay tuned 😉

❤ sharmz

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