Intro + Old Faves

Well a little about me- where do I start? I grew up very much like a tomboy and when I tell people this very few believe me but it’s true. Growing up with 5 boys and lacking the feminine influence in my life made it hard to be anything else really. My brother and my cousins treated me like one of them so I played sports, video games you name it; pretty much all the things a little boy does I was doing. Being the only girl did have its perks though as I was extremely spoiled by all my brothers. All that being said when I got to high school and university I began to admire how some people would dress and how certain girls did their hair. Now I was motivated to start doing things like straightening my hair, wearing nicer clothes, you know all those girly things that most girls were already doing. Apparently the lack of feminine influence had to be made up for so I began splurging on clothes and fancy accessories. Of course my mom wasn’t too pleased with this change but I loved it. I ended up at the mall at least twice a week just to see what was on the shelves and the new in things that season. I would find it ironic when people complimented what I was wearing as I had never viewed myself as that girl who people looked at and thought oh she dresses well. I don’t dress to impress, I just like wearing what appeals to me and of course posting pictures. People who know me know I absolutely love taking pictures so yes, I will always share the outfits that I put together which made blogging seem even more attractive.

So why this blog? Well blogging was never on my list of things to do but recently I have gained some inspiration. I guess I just wanted a fun way to share the clothes I buy and the outfits I put together. I get many compliments on the outfits I tend to put together but more than that I simply love putting together outfits and shopping (LOVE shopping- perhaps a little too much). If one word could define my style it would be ‘comfortable’. I know I know every second person says that but I truly mean it. Unless you see me out at dinner or out at a club I am a slug- you will see me in sweats most of the time (even to work sometimes *oops*). Of course when I go out I put that much more effort in and love to dress up whether it is to the club or an Indian function but again it’ll always be something I’m comfortable in. Whether it’s a sari or a dress I will accessorize to make it look just right for myself. Below are some of the looks I have worn in the past, hope you enjoy:

Dress: Forever 21 Watch: Vince Camuto Jewelry: Expression Shoes: Spring
Shirt: Forever 21 Jeans: Zara Purse: Michael Kors Shoes: Guess
Jumpsuit: Dynamite Shoes: Aldo Watch: Vince Camuto Necklace: Dynamite Clutch: RW & Co.
Shirt: Zara Jeans: Zara Clutch: BCBGeneration Shoes: Guess Watch: Fossil
Crop Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Zara Clutch: BCBGeneration Shoes: Guess
Shirt: Urban Outfitters Pants: Forever 21 Cross body Bag: Michael Kors Shoes: Aldo
Waterfall Parka: Dynamite Shirt: Zara Jeans: Zara Shoes: Spring


❤ sharmz


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